Will a “Framing Fix” Work for your Kitchen?

The “Framing Fix” is a series of tricks for flattening the floor, walls, and ceiling of a high-value room such as a kitchen. It is performed at the point in a remodel when everything that will be removed is gone and before anything new is added.

Why would you want a “Framing Fix”?

  • Stuff looks bad when the framing is messed up. Cabinets, tile, wallpaper, and other elements really make framing problems visible and annoying.
  • You are about to invest big dollars in a new kitchen, or whatever. Do you really want to put all that value into a room with issues that could have been corrected for a small fraction of the total invested value of the room. Now is your chance to do it right!

How can I tell if my Kitchen is a candidate for this?

How close to perfect can we get it?

The ideal time for this to be performed is:

Limitations on the Framing Fix Method:

I want to do the framing fix myself. How do I do it?