Why not Color-Coated Heads for Cabinet Screws?

I've been noticing these nice deck screws with color-coated heads.

You can choose from around a dozen colors that match up well with typical wood or synthetic deck boards.

It's a great idea, and the obvious question is…Why hasn't this been done for cabinet screws?

Seriously, the lady of the house has always been much more particular about everything matching in her kitchen than out on the deck. And the guys won't even notice.

There have been all sorts of caps for sale to cover the screws on cabinet installations. The problem with this is that installers are being asked to do (and buy) something extra, which means that only the top-end installers will bother.

I apply the cover caps by request only.

I would consider just using the color-coated deck screws for my kitchen installations, but this presents several problems:

  1. With the new pressure-treated wood, these deck screws now must be stainless steel, making them unnecessarily expensive for cabinet work.
  2. Stainless steel isn't as strong as the metal used for top-end cabinet screws, resulting in risk/sag issues for the kitchen installed, and…
  3. Greater chance of torque-shear, which still happens with the best screws money can buy. (But it would happen a lot more often with SS!)

So, does anybody sell top-end cabinet screws with color-coated heads? If they're out there, I can't find them, so I'm leaving the space below to allow them to find us.

Actually, the real breakthrough will come when cabinet manufacturers begin to ship color-coated screws with their cabinets. Then the installers would have no excuse NOT to use them.