2-2 Nook – Wall Features II

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Here we’re looking at what is probably the most common nook of all in new construction where the wall is projected out for a fireplace creating a nook on either side for built-in cabinetry. Well, we can steal that trick.

This room was a big rectangle. This back wall was flat all the way across, and I put in a fireplace, and put in framing with sheetrock in a bump-out which created nooks on either side which someday will probably be filled with built-ins.

Now, you may think I had to tear out a bunch of stuff to make this change in the room, but the reality of it is that it was scandalously easy. In fact, I removed nothing from the room – not a piece of carpet, not a piece of sheetrock. I simply added all of this on top of what was already there. And this is a great trip that anybody can use if you’re thinking of adding a fireplace.

Here’s another nook tool creation you can use: the stubbed out wall. Anytime you see a wall like this that comes out and just terminates, there’s 99% chance that it’s there to allow cabinetry to nook or shelter inside of it as you see here.

In this case, we have 4 of these stubbed out walls that sort of act like columns and dividers for an entertainment system.

The only real limit here is your imagination and your understanding of cabinetry.