2-1 Nook – Wall Features I

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Hi again. This is Nathan Harrison for FineRemodel.com. Well, we’ve been talking about find or create nooks for built-in cabinets. And in this section, I’d like to discuss adding wall features. And the crux of it is that we are looking to add strategic sections of, what at least look like, normal walls.

Now, this may seen like a novel idea at first, but once you begin to look, you will find that the most interesting houses all have wall features specifically designed for built-ins.

One important bonus of adding wall features, along with our built-in cabinetry, is that mixing wood and sheetrock is more interesting and balanced than if we just add all wood.

Now, when you look at pictures like these, you probably say to yourself, “Hey, this is new construction. There is just no way I can do this kind of wall feature in my house. It’s just not possible.” Well, there’s a lot of truth to that. New construction typically includes wall features and pockets like these that just beautifully set up for a built-in cabinet complex.

But we owners of older homes can learn from these tricks, and we can apply a surprising number of them to our homes if we just know how to do it.