1-2 Thicken a Wall, Part II

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Let’s look now at the nitty-gritty of how this thickening of the wall is done, we decided that we wanted a nittylace and built-ins on either side of it. Well, we began by needing to find the location for the wall. And we decide on that location by imagining all the features in place first. So, we consider the dimensions of everything we want first, and then we sort of set then out into the room in our imagination or on paper or in a modeling program and decide on a plane which they can all agree upon.

So here we’ve established it. It’s a plane that allows our built-ins to be flush with the wall and the fireplace mantle to protrude from the wall enough to look beefy.

Then we determine the size of the openings we need and frame the wall accordingly. This is just an approximation of how the framing should be. Please don’t frame anything exactly like this.

So, we sheetrock, mud, and paint the new wall. Then we insert the built-ins with trim that extend over the crack between the built-in and the wall there all around the built-in.

Now, a classic place to do this is an a basement where you can allow the bodies of the cabinets to protrude into the space between the living area and the windowless foundation wall.