Video: A Simple Way to Conceal Wires

cabinet doors, wire tunnels, channels

A dead simple way to conceal wires. Hi. This is Nathan Harrison for I’ve developed many ways of concealing wires and routing them over the years as I’ve designed and installed home offices for people.

And I’ve noticed there’s a couple of shortcomings to this. First of all, it’s expensive, and using all kinds of routing tunnels and so forth can actually begin to tie a person into a certain configuration for their equipment.

Well, this week I was installing a home office for someone else. IT was not my design, and they came up with a system for concealing the wires that I felt at first was overly simplistic. But after I had installed it and thought about it, I decided it was actually a pretty nice idea if you’re willing to go the simple route.

Here’s all there is to it.

These doors are installed in the back of the knee space. They are about 4″ out from the wall, and behind them are power hook up and cable (or it could be a phone jack, network, or whatever.) The point is, there’s room for the plugs to come out, the wires to come out from the plugs and turn down or up or wherever they need to go, and just enough room for power strip and router, and modem down here behind these doors.

Essentially all I had to do was just attach the doors to a strip that was pulled out just the right amount and then plumbed so that everything would look nice.

And what you end up with is not fancy, but it certainly will conceal the wires and it leave the kind of flexibility that really not there in a complicated system that involved little channels, nets and so forth, that are most sophisticated and can be better in some situations, but they are definitely more complicated and expensive.

If you want to keep things simple, this is a pretty good way to go.