Tip for Kitchens with Old Drawers

Old kitchen drawers have quirks.

You know. There's that narrow one with the little catch when it's halfway out and the big one that you have to kick to get all the way back in.

And then there's that wonderful “binding” action where you have to maintain perfect straightness or it grinds to a halt.

Yes, this too is an important part of the human experience. But here's a tip from a friend that might help a little.

Let's say you have such cabinets and you can't afford to replace them.

But you can afford to either repaint or reface them, and you're going to replace the doors and drawer faces with something more modern.

Go with handles on those old drawers.

Yes, they may have holes in the center from the knobs that used to be there, but now you're going to put on new drawer faces.

So go with handles. They give you more control on those quirky drawers, which may in turn eliminate a handful of little irritations from your life in the kitchen.