The Right Way to “Furr Out” a Wall

In the course of remodeling, you might have to “furr out” (or build/shim out) a wall to make it match the plane of another wall.

Typically this is done when a new wall needs to match up to old plaster and lathe or something similar.

Everybody will happily tell you that you can just use strips of sheetrock to do this build-out.

…except the cabinet man.

He will swim against the current of opinion by maintaining that a full inch of sheetrock will mean saggy cabinets in years to come.

This is because the screws are essentially cantilevered over that inch, and in the long run, the sheetrock is not going to give any real support to the screws or frictional support to the cabinet. The saggy cabinets can result in all kinds of headaches and aesthetic issues.

If you want to know more about this or don't understand, feel free to bug me about it and I'll make a video.