Small-Kitchen Storage Idea: Custom Wood Pantry

custom-sized-pantry.JPGIf you have outgrown your small kitchen but can't afford a major upgrade (a new house or a full kitchen/cabinet remodel), then this idea is for you.

Friends of mine had the same problem, and they solved it by adding this cleverly-designed, custom pantry unit in a (previously) useless area of the kitchen.

expanded-kitchen-storage.JPGWhen you open it up, you are immediately jealous of the immense amount of storage that this crazy thing contains. There are shelves on the outer doors, then you realize that there are also shelves on a tricky set of inner doors. Then you swing those out and a very beefy set of additional shelves is revealed against the back wall of the cabinet. And because it was custom, it is sized to take advantage of the entire nook where it was built. Every inch.

As you can see, they aren't filling this thing up yet, but with five children it won't take long.

Here's the catch. pantry-unit.JPGThis thing was a beast to design and build. The cabinetmaker who tackled this project had to rework it at least twice to make the outer and inner doors work properly, without conflict. You can see evidence of major modifications if you know what to look for.

When I was looking at this amazing cabinet, I began to think, “How many other people in the world would love to have something like this? But why should every do-it-yourselfer and cabinetmaker have to go through the same learning curve and make the same mistakes kitchen-organization.JPGwhen the solution is right here in front of me?” It became clear to me that I should create careful drawings of this pantry unit and make them available online. That was several years ago.

Now I've begun working on drawings, specifications (parts that you'll need to buy and materials to use), and a video how-to guide that will allow anyone with basic carpentry skills to build the “Amazing Pantry”.