Roof Problems Usually Start in the Attic

This past week, I had the privilege of consulting on a large, historic house built in the 1930's. The house is built around the shell of on old trapper's cabin which was a meeting place for Confederate recruits early in the Civil War.

Below is a picture of the cabin's rooofline, now entirely within the attic of the newer structure.

Old Cabin Roofline

The original chimney was simply extended up another ten feet using the same (local) stone.

original roofline with chimney visible
How about that groovy siding/roofing on the old cabin?

I did notice some problems in the 1930's portion of the structure. In the picture below, there are at least two problems visible — problems which could eventually cause roof damage and water infiltration (leaking). See if you can spot them.

attic warning signs

I'll be looking at these problems in-depth in future entries.