Ranch Remodel Godsend

After writing my previous post, it occurred to me what a godsend this built-in cabinets series is going to be for owners of Ranch-style homes. There are bazillions of them out there and I'm one. We really struggle when it comes to making this kind of house into something really special that we want to grow old in. In the past, our options have been:

Doing a “Great Room” that comes out of the back of the house is the standard remodel for a Ranch. We have that and it's definitely a good thing.

But for most people it's really, really hard to find good projects beyond that.

Raising the roof or even significantly changing the roofline is usually out of the question.

Taking out a wall might work, maybe to expand the kitchen. It's a pain but probably worth it.
Turning the garage into living space is okay but usually requires a bunch of reframing and you don't get much space out of it. Plus, now you have to either park your car outside or build a detached garage.

And none of these projects really make your house into something that you just love.

But understanding how to add built ins throughout the home can change all that. And the previous post (“Are Built Ins 'Space Wasters'?”) made me realize that this is a perfect solution for the Ranch home.

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