Nooks for Built-Ins Introduction



Transcript of Video:

Do you love built in cabinetry but feel that it won’t work appropriately for your house? Hi. I’m Nathan Harrison for Fine There is magic in a truly built-in cabinet. But a lot of that magic lies in the cabinet being perfectly nestled into the home. And a lot of us look at our homes and say, “My rooms are just rectangular boxes. Where can I fit a built in cabinet?”

Well, if that’s you, stay tuned. I have some great ideas for you. Builders of new homes have been on to built in cabinets for about the last 10 years in my area. And this is a typical configuration with built ins nestled into nooks on either side of a fireplace. Now more expensive or homes might include other nooks that are designed to receive cabinetry like this…or this.

In the top-end homes it has gotten quite grandiose. You might find something like this…or this. Notice the built-in displays on either side of this large entry.

Now, those of us who own older houses are captivated by this idea, but we look around our own houses and we just have to scratch our heads because it seems like there’s not appropriate places where nooks for this type of cabinetry. Now, of course of you wanted to drop a lot of cash you could have real built-ins like we just looked at in new construction. But that’s prohibitive, and what usually happens in a remodel is much more modest attempts like in these pictures.

Here’s some white cabinets, but just built onto the wall. Maybe if you find a really good cabinet maker and designer, you might get something like this where it’s sort of fitted, it’s tapered to the wall. But it still lacks that satisfying feeling we saw on the truly built-ins where the structure of the house actually accommodates the cabinet.

Now, if your home lacks nooks, which practically all old homes do, and your faced with simply getting a built-in cabinet that you’d put against a wall, you’d by understandable tempted to go with stand-alone furniture since you really can’t do justice to a built-in.

Well, I have good news. Over the years, I’ve collected ideas for creating inexpensive nooks and very effective methods for integrating built-ins into the structure of an existing home.

In this series, we will go in-depth on how to find or create nooks for built-ins in your house. Here are some things we’ll cover in the basic series:

  1. Fill a strategic corner
  2. …or an entire wall
  3. Use a closet – directly or indirectly
  4. Nestle built-ins by or under fixed objects in the home, such as beds, stairs, tables and rafter pits.
  5. Use the existing nooks in a normal wall and just do very thin cabinetry

Some of the ideas covered in the advanced section are:

  • Create nooks by adding wall features
  • Create nooks by adding ceiling features
  • Thicken an existing wall and create nooks in it.
  • Use a trick called contexting to make your cabinetry appear that it belongs somewhere very naturally
  • Finally (making lemonade out of lemons), by making built in cabinetry work seamlessly with your HVAC system

This is a very deep bag of tricks, and it definitely contains several items that will work in your home.