Video: Hide Refrigerator with Oversized Panel


Hide the refrigerator without breaking your budget. Hi. This is Nathan Harrison for Refrigerators are just a problem. They are the elephant in the living room. Typically they are 28-30″ deep, meaning from the front to the back. And remember you have to allow and inch or 2 for ventilation and the plug in the back. Whereas, cabinetry and countertops together come out to about 25″.

And it’s very desirable to have the front of your refrigerator be flush with the front of your cabinets. However, the solutions for doing this can get expensive real quick. Well, here’s a great and inexpensive solution to this problem from Nancy Hugo.

First of all, in case you hadn’t noticed, the refrigerator door is here, and she has succeeded in hiding it. The solution to the problem of hiding the refrigerator that I had never really been impressed by is what I call the over-sized panel solution. What you do is you take a piece of plywood that’s finished the same as the cabinets. And the dimension here would be 28-30″. You simply build a box around the refrigerator, put a cabinet on top, and say it’s hidden.

Well, that doesn’t really work for me because it’s still a large, bulky shape that protrudes from everything else in the kitchen. So it’s not really hidden. But Nancy here has found a way to use that trick and make it work. Thanks to the fact that there’s an outside wall corner right here, she was able to put 24″ wide base and wall cabinets up against the oversized panel. And at first glance you might just think it’s a wall. It’s created the effect of a corner there.

Imagine if they were turned the other way, running parallel with these on the other side. Then this oversized panel would be far, far more visible. It would just be sticking way out into the room. But as it is, there’s just enough room. The countertop comes short of the edge of that panel and also it allows for traffic flow through here.

So…very effective use of that trick. And if you have a kitchen with a footprint like this, you’ve just found a really inexpensive way to hide your refrigerator.