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Hi. This is Nathan Harrison for Today we’re going to look at some technical details of a beautiful kitchen designed by Nancy Hugo. This is a southwestern style kitchen.

The first technical detail my eye is drawn to is this wonderful bank of windows running along 2 walls there behind the sink. How is that wall supported from a shear perspective? By shear, what I mean is, as opposed to simple vertical load on the wall, that would be supported by the upright studs, what’s keeping the wall from collapsing over sideways like a cardboard box would if the ends were removed? And I suspect in this case, that this column in the corner is made of steel and is tied in via steel plates to the headers on either side. I don’t know, but I would recommend if you are interested in doing something like this, that you get an architect involved because you will want that extra assurance that this is going to be done right.

I was asked the question, “If it wasn’t done right, what would we see?” The windows would begin to tighten or not seat properly. You might see sheetrock cracks in the header. Ultimately, you would have a broken window. Again this can be done properly, and is a wonderful effect.

The second thing I notice and am intrigued by is this joint where the countertop meets the window. I would be interested to know more about how that’s done, how it’s sealed and so forth. It’s a tricky move you would would want to have the ability to pay extra (maybe significantly extra) to make sure it was done right. Most contractors would simply recommend that you keep the window up above the level of the countertop. That just keeps it simple. But, of course, what’s in the picture produced a wonderful effect.

One final thought on this picture. I’ve gotten reports from my clients that black countertops are hard to keep clean. In this case we have a black countertop that is backlit. I imagine this would be difficult to keep looking good. That’s something I recommend you look into. Just something to be aware of.

Now, looking in the other direction in the kitchen, we notice this very nice wine cabinet that extends something like 8 feet and then has a little turn down. This tells me that this is not a stock kitchen. Meaning, this is not a kitchen that was simply ordered. It was a kitchen that involved the work of a local cabinet maker. It’s possible that all of these pieces were built by a local cabinet shop. But in all honesty, a piece like this [the lower cabinets featured in this picture], is something that could easily be ordered. In fact, everything in this kitchen except for this wine cabinet, could have been ordered. But, of course, this wine cabinet is what makes this kitchen so special.

This is yet another great reason to work with local cabinet cabinet shops or a showroom that has strong ties to local cabinet makers beacause you can’t get this kind of a feature without being able to work with someone who can either make the whole kitchen or else match up with the stock cabinetry you’ve chosen for the kitchen.