Keep on the Sunny Side of Remodeling, Part II

It's really, really easy to become negative late in a remodel. Or at least to become hardened.

Somewhere along the way, someone or something is likely to take the wind out of your sails.

  • Starting into your 3rd month of being without a kitchen.
  • The floor guys who took you seriously about “helping themselves to whatever's in the fridge” and ended up eating that expensive ice cream you brought back from Europe.
  • The paint guys who tracked tar(??) across your rug.
  • The GC who swears they did everything they could to flatten the saggy floor, though you're skeptical there was any change at all.

It's easy to become jaded, but you shouldn't. Here's another reason why.

Many of the professionals with whom you'll be interacting (even late in the project — like the cabinet and counter installers) have chosen to do what they do because it makes them happy. This means that they've made an emotional decision about their work. And this means that — though they may still be able to do a competent job — they need your enthusiasm to be at their best.

After all, you are the one who is going to benefit from their work.

It could be that the creative professionals, the designers and problem solvers, are the most affected by this dynamic. Here's a very revealing post to this effect by a top-tier kitchen designer, revealing how deeply she thrives on her clients' energy.

If this all feels like a bit too much weight on your shoulders, remember this. If you will simply light the fire (and give it the occasional stoke), they will carry things from there. You are the catalyst to a reaction that wants to happen. People want to love what they do.