Bathroom Remodel Ideas


Hi, I'm Nathan Harrison of I've listed a few good bath remodel concepts here, but I'm not sure if they'll fit your situation. If you'll tell me which ideas are helpful, I'll send you more info along those lines. If these ideas won't work for your situation, or if you have any questions, just put them at the bottom of this page and I'll make sure you get answers.

The shaded areas (below) are for your valued input.

bath-custom-cabinet.JPGA “Real” Custom Cabinet

Everybody loves the idea of custom cabinets. They imagine the craftsman in his shop, laboring over his creation and using the very best methods and materials. While all of that may be true, the most important thing about a custom cabinet is that it looks and/or functions in a unique, original way. It's easy for cabinetmakers to get in a rut and build things that are very efficient for them. Unfortunately, “efficient” cabinets end up looking just like the factory cabinets that everybody else has.

After all, if you're going to get a cabinet that looks and functions just like a factory cabinet, why not save the money and get a factory cabinet? Here's an example of a “really custom” cabinet made for a bathroom. Notice that the mirror was made to match: that's an added bonus of having your woodwork done by a local cabinetmaker.

That idea would work in my situation.
I like it.

Remove the Bottleneckclipped-corner-best.jpg

This is a neat idea for the classic, small L-shaped bathroom. If you have a bathroom like this, you know how great it would be to make that obtrusive corner go away. Well, you can! Usually, there will be a closet on the other side of that wall, so truncating the corner is a feasible floorplan change.

Apart from making the room feel much more open and spacious, this change allows you to go to a larger vanity/sink cabinet on the wall across from the corner. Bottom line: a much better bathroom.

That idea would work in my situation.
I like it.

Invisible Access to Plumbing (and whatever else)

zero-door-inside-2048x1536-1.JPGzero-door-closed-123px.JPGWouldn't it be nice to have access to your plumbing, wiring, whirlpool controls, or whatever else, without having a highly-visible cabinet door mounted on the wall? Or, worse yet, no access.

Thanks to the wonders of modern cabinet hinge technology, you can have a section of (what appears to be) normal wall with a tiny seam outlining a rectangular shape. You simply press on the “secret” spot and the door pops open. Problem solved.

That idea would work in my situation.
I like it.



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