If you want it done in time for Christmas…

… then start your project in January.

No, I'm not kidding. I'm currently on the “should have been finished in time for Christmas” tour. I'm installing the kitchens and basement bars that were promised to bright-eyed homeowners back in November.

Mind you, these are not my contracts. I'm only installing them. My big end-of-year project was a custom office and was delivered on time except for the handles, which haven't yet arrived. That's extremely good compared to anyone else in my city.

Anyway, back to the sorely disappointed remodel victims. One man said that, based on the stated arrival time of his manufactured cabinets, he had calculated a complex plan for how everything would be in place by Christmas morning. His family would open their gifts in their bright-shiny newly-complete basement remodel.

Things began to unravel when the showroom representative announced that the manufacturer was “running behind”. Then the electrician misinterpreted the cabinet plans. You get the idea. I guesstimate that his basement will be completely done some time in February.

Construction is not like the airline industry. There is a huge amount of unprofessional behavior that gets overlooked because consumers are not able to band together to compare notes and use their pooled influence.

Morals of story:

If you find a tradesman who behaves like a professional, you should be able to make money by selling his name to your friends.

If you think you can choreograph each day of a remodel, you are mistaken.

If you want it done by Christmas, start in January.