Getting Beyond the Just-So Magazine Pictures

I found a refreshingly honest article at the Nova Scotian Chronicle Herald. One weird thing is that, although the entire article is written in the first person, no author is listed on the page. Anyway, good stuff:

I tend to find the [glossy home] photographs misleading in some ways. Like how clothes look on runway models. Yes, you might be able to purchase the outfit, but what will it look like on a normal-sized body?

You’ll never be able to achieve a successful space by copying these design photographs if your room is a square box, so you are already at a disadvantage before you even begin.

Don't you hate that? But if there was a magazine that showed real solutions for normal homes, would anybody buy it? Could it be that most magazines succeed because they sell fantasies rather than usable solutions?

The article goes on to suggest some reasonably good places to start thinking about ordinary home remodels, such as…

Built-ins can transform a boring space and are useful for storage and display. Throw this idea around with your carpenter and see if it might be a cost-effective addition to your home.

Better yet, take my definitive Built-Ins course and then get together with your local carpenter.