Funky Fold-Out Pantry Plans


November 2011 Update: Hmmm… I haven't actually gotten around to it, have I? Sorry about that. The good news is that many semi-custom cabinet manufacturers are now including this type of pantry in their standard product lines. See your local cabinet showroom for more info. Original post follows…

This is the International Headquarters of the “Amazing Kitchen Storage Solution: the Flying Pantry!”

Okay, it doesn't actually fly, but it will definitely solve your “Small Kitchen, No Storage” blues.

The secret lies in the remarkable inner storage doors and getting the right dimensions on everything that moves so that — once it is assembled, it will all work properly with no conflict.

I'm working on a package of resources that will make it possible for you to get one of these wonderful things in your home with a minimum of hassle. The package will include:

  • a How-To Guide/Video for those who want to try building this themselves (or you can pass it to whatever handyman you hire)
  • expanded-kitchen-storage.JPGa Quality Set of Drawings that will be customized to the dimensions you tell me (by making measurements in your own kitchen!).
  • a List of Materials and Parts that you'll need (and where to order them)
  • High-resolution pictures of the unit shown on this page.

Even if you don't want to do this project yourself, you can use these resources to solicit bids from tradesmen and make sure the work is done right. Having built custom cabinetry myself, I can tell you that a huge amount of the cost of bidding and doing a project is in the design — especially on a complicated piece like this. You should easily be able to get a minimum of $100 off the normal bids of cabinetmakers if you have the plans ready to go when you call them. Also, lesser-skilled tradesmen will be more likely to hazard a bid on this if you have the design and construction all mapped out for them.

kitchen-door-storage.JPG(Just for fun — if you have the phone numbers of enough cabinetmakers — you could let one or two bid this thing solely from pictures and description. The only scary thing about that is that they might bid low because they don't fully comprehend how this cabinet functions.)

But couldn't you just buy a pre-built unit at Wal-Mart and stick it in the corner of your kitchen?

Cheaper options are sometimes the best choice, but not in this case. If you only ever have one piece of custom cabinetry in your home, this should be it!

Think about the following:

  1. Have you actually seen something like this at Wal-Mart?
  2. The whole point here is to fully and effectively use some free space in or near your kitchen. Having it custom-sized means that you will fill the space completely.
  3. You want something strong and solid. After all, it will soon be full of hundreds of pounds of your stuff. You need cabinet/furniture grade materials, not the particleboard-based junk that is sold at retail. And you need for it to be fastened to the structure of your house as built-in cabinetry always is.
  4. Finally, one huge benefit of getting a custom unit is that it can be colored and styled in a way that looks good in your kitchen. This is what cabinetmakers are good at. You can get phenomenally more storage without having to live with something ugly in this most active area of your home.

custom-wood-pantry-plans.JPGI'm working on this very helpful project as I have time. The more people that express interest, the sooner I'll finish. If you will give me your email via the comment box below, I will notify you as soon as the project is ready and give you a major discount off of the (very modest, but as yet undetermined) purchase price.

So sign up now if you want this amazing pantry in your house without having to figure it all out from scratch. Don't put your email in the actual comment, just put it in the “email” box and leave me a comment that says “please notify” or some such. (I respect your privacy and would never share your email.)

Talk soon,