Fine Woodwork, for a Spaceship

Chattanooga Spaceship house

I guess it was inevitable.

As I slowly work my way around Chattanooga, leaving my woodwork in the homes of people who favor the unique, maybe it was inevitable that the Spaceship House would eventually be scheduled as a destination.

Just backing in with my truck gave me a new perspective on this house I've passed so many times … it's huge! And the inside is far bigger than you would imagine: I'm guessing around 2000 square feet, distributed between three levels.

As usual, I set up shop on the pull-out bed of my utility camper, which meant I was doing my cutting beneath the belly of the spaceship as the usual interested passers-by did their passing.

Signal Mountain Tennessee Spaceship house

“Can we take a tour?”


“Is it for sale?”


“Is it haunted by aliens?”


Anyway, in the course of one workday, I did meet a neighbor who shed more light on the history of the house:

It was built by Arthur King, a contractor, out of “spare parts” from his other jobs in the early 70s. Mr King went on to build an A-frame on Stringer's Ridge and “something cool” in Cleveland. He only had a sixth grade education. He died in 2007.

The house sold in the late 70s for 20-something thousand dollars, and most recently went for a mere 120k!

Finally, here's a story about the house from “Mr. P”, my source:

One of the owners of the house, who shall remain un-named, was “bad to drink” (had an alcohol problem). One night when he had imbibed too much, the man's wife decided that she would rather not spend the night with him. She left, telling him she was going to spend the night with her mother.

So, she lowered the stairs, stepped down to the ground, and then raised the stairs back up. She had taken the keys to both their vehicles. She then proceeded to park his truck beneath the stairs, so that they couldn't be lowered. None of this would have been visible from within the house because of the shape.

Spaceship stairs

There is only one way in/out of the Spaceship House, of course.

Finally, she backed out with her car and waved goodbye to him as she drove away.

Needless to say, he was still there when she returned in the morning.

Here's a few shots of my work as I left it. At some point I'll take (or link to) some shots of the finished kitchen. Feel free to bother me about this if you're reading this in 2010 or later.