Create More Storage Space in your Kitchen

From the Oklahoman:

If there's one room in the house that's never big enough, it has to be the kitchen. Wouldn't it be great if there were a simple way to “cook up” extra space without an expensive (and messy) remodel? For do-it-yourselfers, this kitchen island project is an easy, attractive and inexpensive way to add valuable storage and work space.

The article goes on to recommend that do-it-yourselfers buy plans for a kitchen island.

But how realistic is that?

If there was room for an island — with significant storage space — then one would be there already. It's not like the kitchen island is a concept that was just invented.

No, I don't believe this storage solution will help many people.

And unfortunately, the option of getting more cabinets that match your existing ones is a non-starter. If you've ever priced this with a reputable cabinetmaker, you know why.

But could there be another option besides tearing out your cabinets and starting over? After all, your cabinets are in perfectly good shape and they aren't “outdated” — or if they are you really don't care. You just need more storage that is aesthetically pleasing. (It won't make your kitchen look “hodgepodge”.)

Well, for some of you, deliverance hath appeared.

If you've been watching my “better than pictures” built-ins videos, you've probably realized that — among many other things — these concepts have the power to expand kitchen storage in a very big way. The key is simply knowing how to create nooks for built-ins near the kitchen.

Instead of trying to match your existing cabinets, you add very cool concealed storage that matches an even more dominant feature of your house: your walls and trim. For many kitchens, this is the silver bullet.