Video: Commercial/Industrial to Residential, Part I




copper caps

Who needs a neighborhood?? Hi. This is Nathan Harrison for What it you had an old industrial building made of cement blocks, and you needed to turn it into a nice home? How would you do it? Well, today we’re going to look at someone who did and the really good decisions they made along the way.

This 2-story building on a major road in a commercial district was bought for $30,000 and contains 3 to 4,000 square feet of living space along with 2,000 square feet of storage. Sorry about that picture: it was taken from behind the wheel of my truck.

Now, the plan of this older couple who undertook this project was to remodel both floors, but to live in the upper floor (which is here) and rent out the sidewalk-entrance lower floor to someone else as residential space probably. Even after remodeling, it should come in under $40/square feet, which is a great deal.

When you start with a building made with cement blocks, softening, warming and humanizing ht exterior becomes the big priority.

Softening, of course, is accomplished with the stucco, which is really the only choice – or at least the obvious choice for making masonry feel like home. And it gives it the southwestern style.

It’s been warmed by going to earth tones.

As far as humanizing, the windows were added. I like the mission style window lights in the upper part of the window. I’m not sure about the choice of bright white windows. Another humanizing effect is the faux shutters which are amazingly simple and cheap. They are nothing but treated deck boards screwed to a brace on the wall. But they certainly work. It’s not visible from a distance, but one really nice element, is that each of these shutters has a copper cap on top.

But the true stroke of genius was adding this pergola. In a few years, when the pergola looks like this, their home is going to look like anything but an industrial building.

So, I’d say they definitely succeeded on the exterior of their home, and tomorrow we’re going to look at the interior where their goals were somewhat different.