Services to Chattanooga


Hi, I'm Nathan Harrison. I and my carefully-selected employees provide a few targeted services to homeowners in the Greater Chattanooga area.

First of all, we install kitchens (cabinets and other woodwork, along with laminate counters). This is not really a service to the public but is done as a subcontractor to the local kitchen and bath showrooms. If you would like to have us install the kitchen which you RemodelMobile at Reunionhave already ordered through a showroom, just mention my name to your kitchen planner, and usually they will be willing to accomodate you.

(Haven't yet decided on a source for your new kitchen? I've rubbed shoulders with most of the reputable kitchen and bath players in Chattanooga, so if you need a referral to a high-quality, conscientious kitchen designer that fits your locale and budget, just contact me below.)

Second, we provide some types of custom cabinetry and other unique wood projects. My mobile workshopJust contact me below with your current ideas and we'll go from there. If I'm not the right person for your job, I can help you find out who is.

Third, we provide trim carpentry services such as hanging doors, trimming a stair, running crown, base, etc. Contact me below if you have need.

Finally, if you just have a general question related to woodworking or construction in Chattanooga, don't be shy. Use the form below to contact me.