What do you want to know about Built Ins?

Soon, I hope to be covering the following material:

  1. What is a Built-In Cabinet? Three historical definitions of “built in”
    • (Oldest) “Fixed” – contrast with furniture
    • (Emerging in the 60's) “Built-in-Place” – contrast with factory-built modular-style cabinets
    • (Emerging in the 80's) “Built-in-to-the-Structure” – contrast with structures that jut out from the wall, these “built-ins” seem to be inside the wall or nestled into nooks/coves in the structure of the home.
    • Other elements that most homeowners would now expect to see in a built-in:
      • organic: fitting into the flow of the home's surfaces.
      • coherence: finish and detail tie in with other nearby elements
      • (bonus) mystery: an element of the hidden and possibly also of surprise (from a structural perspective)
    • (Future – this is my theory) I believe that the definition of “built-in” will continue to migrate toward total concealment of the woodwork. The mechanical elements are now in place and affordable for cabinetry that is nearly invisible.
  2. Dreaming and Planning your own Built-In Cabinets
    • New Construction Ideas and Possibilities
      • consult on cabinetry before you settle on a home plan
      • discuss the “fat arches” at Hampton Cove
    • Find or Create Nooks for Built Ins in an existing home —Series Complete, see sign-up below.
    • Case Studies for New Homes and Remodels
    • Materials and Finishes
      • White vs Stained
      • MDF, Plywood, Particle Board, Solid Wood
  3. Commissioning Built-Ins
    • Stock vs. Custom vs. Semi-Custom — define first
    • Cabinetmaker vs Trim Carpenter (match
    • Getting good Design
    • Piloting the Process

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