Bid Errors Found After Making Kitchen/Job Down Payment

How do you handle this situation:

You tell the kitchen designer what you want and s/he gives you a bid. The price is great! You do your best to check over everything on the bid, but you're not familiar with all the terminology and how to interpret the drawings, so you end up assuming the best and writing the down payment check.

Then you get that sick feeling in your stomach whenthe installation day arrives and you notice that several items that you asked for are missing.

You ask the designer and they say, “Let me check if that was included in the bid, and I'll get back to you.”

Then later: “No, that wasn't included in the bid. Would you like me to order that?”

(Now, remember, you went with this provider because they beat the other guys on price, but it turns out that you were comparing apples and oranges. This is one of the classic downfalls of price-shopping a kitchen.

Is a kitchen remodel really “just a commodity”, the bids for which can be compared “apples to apples”?)

This is a rotten situation to be in because now you either:

  1. surrender, or
  2. become the enemy of the person upon whom the success of your kitchen depends.

Do you see now why it is so vital to do all your homework before writing that down payment check?

Unless you've found the “painfully honest” type of contractor (and if you made your decision on price, I can assure you that you haven't) you are headed for what I call “Nickel and Dime Fatigue Zone”.