Be Proactive about Prefinished Flooring Defects

If you're having prefinished flooring put down this summer or fall, this is for you.I've become aware of two separate, unrelated remodels in my region that had major issues due to defective prefinished flooring.

Yes, it was the same (major) company. No, I won't name them.

But here's the deal. Flooring installers may or may not notify you that they have suspicions about the floor they are putting down.

You need to look hard at the floor yourself. If something doesn't look right, start making noise.


This is really important. If you allow other work to go in on top of your new floor, then you will probably be footing the bill for removal/replacement of the other work.

Or, worse yet, you'll just live with it. Yuck.

(If you've got a top-tier GC on the job, he will catch it. Unfortunately, top-tier GCs are hard to come by. Treat them well when you find one.)

So look at it hard on the day it goes in. My sources say that the flooring companies will not give you grief about replacing the floor or refunding your money.

But you have to catch it early.