Adding Furniture Base to Cabinets

For some people, the Holy Grail of cabinetry is to make new cabinets look like fine and antique furniture. Here's one technique for doing that.

Furniture Base on a set of Vanity Cabinets

I installed these cabinets in a new bathroom. The homeowner chose the cabinets at a local showroom from a catalog of stock cabinetry. The showroom, which is affiliated with a custom cabinet shop (as all the best ones are) then created the base pieces and finished them so as to match the cabinet finish.

Notice that there are actually two cabinets that are unified by the presence of the base. The one on the left is a “vanity sink base” and the one on the right is a “drawer base”. The furniture base is centered on the whole set. In these pictures, the countertop has not yet been added.

The cabinets are installed like normal, as is the “kick” board which is recessed about three inches from the face of the cabinet (which is about four inches back from the faces of the doors). In this case, the furniture base was installed in such a way as to make it flush with the fronts of the doors, as is generally the case on traditional furniture pieces such as front-access chests.

This arrangement allows the user nearly the same toe space (same depth but slightly less height) as normal cabinetry so that they can “belly up” to the sink. It wraps around the ends of the cabinets just as furniture base would. Below you can see the full effect.

furniture base, full bathroom shot