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Carbide Sawblade Investigation

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

(Updated 21Aug09: see bottom of article.)

I had a matched set of 10″ circular ATB+R Amana blades which seemed to wear out on me very rapidly compared to the Freud blades which preceeded them. Then, a few weeks later, I had an Amana ripping blade pick up six chipped teeth while passing through (what seemed to be just) a knot in 1″ thick oak.

This made me wonder if the Amana blades had a cheaper carbide in the teeth, so I called up one of the technical guys who will be doing my next set of sharpening after the local guys (A1 Sharpening in Dalton, Ga) TOTALLY botched the last job I sent them.

So here's what I learned: